Weekend Film Picks

Both films are ones that produced at least fifty screenshots to my poorly cluttered desktop because I just love them visually a lot. Most of these pictures are from my own screenshots but because I couldn’t find the HD version of frida, I had to put some pictures from other websites.

Frida Kahlo (2002) by Julie Taymor

Love both Frida & Salma Hayek, straight #GIRLBOSS defintion. Frida’s house reminded me of the beautiful & mesmerizing Majorelle Garden in Marrrakech. Everything looks so pretty. Also I need to take a moment to appreciate Frida’s hair do’s, like, wow.

08655362080da266ed04d938b8e6b6c3original image here.

mg_8793aoriginal image here.

6221_frida-640original image here.


Moonrise Kingdom (2012) by Wes Anderson

“extensive use of flat space camera moves and obsessively symmetricalĀ compositions.”

You’ll find yourself fallingĀ on love over Anderson’s choices of color scheme and all those setting details. Just made a mental self-note to start watching all Anderson’s movies. I want Suz’s suitcase and Sam’s scout uniform. patches and pins, stolen library books, love love love.



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