Weekend Film Picks

Both films are ones that produced at least fifty screenshots to my poorly cluttered desktop because I just love them visually a lot. Most of these pictures are from my own screenshots but because I couldn’t find the HD version of frida, I had to put some pictures from other websites.

Frida Kahlo (2002) by Julie Taymor

Love both Frida & Salma Hayek, straight #GIRLBOSS defintion. Frida’s house reminded me of the beautiful & mesmerizing Majorelle Garden in Marrrakech. Everything looks so pretty. Also I need to take a moment to appreciate Frida’s hair do’s, like, wow.

08655362080da266ed04d938b8e6b6c3original image here.

mg_8793aoriginal image here.

6221_frida-640original image here.


Moonrise Kingdom (2012) by Wes Anderson

“extensive use of flat space camera moves and obsessively symmetrical¬†compositions.”

You’ll find yourself falling¬†on love over Anderson’s choices of color scheme and all those setting details. Just made a mental self-note to start watching all Anderson’s movies. I want Suz’s suitcase and Sam’s scout uniform. patches and pins, stolen library books, love love love.



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